What to bring for the Zrun?

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What to bring for the Zrun?

Post  FLobito on Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:45 pm

You will need to bring:

Payment: 45mil **Vip** or 40mil **Reg**

[400] Melted Cheese
[500] Gingerales

Hp Equips will be provided,
Zakum Party Quest Completed

30 Zombie's Lost gold Tooth MUST be provided
[5 Million Mesos]
[100 unagis] thief class, warrior,bowmen, if you want a trusted member from HappyEnding to complete your Zakum quests.

[100 sorcerer] Elixers for any mage class for completion of zakum quests.

[Tip] Be sure to restart you're computer before the run.
Also please do have your maple quality set to the lowest Graphics.

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